ScienceSuit is a feature-rich, high-performance computing environment mainly for process engineers.


The workbook gives you the comfort of working with a spreadsheet.


Many apps to just get the job done.


An interactive plotter to make plotting a breeze.


An integrated Image Processing Toolbox.


A powerful command editor .


An integrated script editor.


Extensive std library and several data structures.

--psychrometric properties of humid air
>>std.psychrometry{P=100, Tdb=25, RH=60}
P=100 kPa    Tdb=25 C    Twb=19.241 C    Tdp=16.064 C    H=55.698 kJ/kg da    RH=60 %    W=0.012 kg/kg da    V=0.872 m3/kg da

--solving non-linear equations
>>std.bisection{f=function(x) return x^10-1 end, a=0, b=1.3, method="rf", modified=true}
0.999992    7.21e-06    25 --root, error, iterations

--statistical tests
>>std.test_f {x=treated, y=untreated}
0.443 -- p-value
df1=9    df2=9    var1=0.211    var2=0.357    Fcritical=0.590    CI_lower=0.146    CI_upper=2.37





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